Medi-Laabs Dr Magdalena Laabs

High-quality Melt-Blown filter fabrics and raw materials for the production of hygienic masks, medical masks, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 half masks

Medi-Laabs Dr Magdalena Laabs
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Fast Laboratory testing of protective masks

You are a mask manufacturer and you buy raw materials?

You wait too long for test analysys?

Do you want to test your masks before sending them to a acredited laboratory like DEKRA, TÜV, BSI, CIOP, Nelson Labs? Would you like to have your masks checked regularly?

Send the masks to Medi-Laabs and check if they meet EU standards or are only a facial decoration We perform the tests quickly and send you the results by email and post.

Bacterial filtration efficiency test

Would you like to quickly check if the mask you produce or buy is the right BFE protection? Have your masks or nonwovens tested by us. You will receive the results soon.

Particle Filtration Efficiency test

Particle Filtration Efficiency Test is used for testing the filtration efficiency of particulate matter of melting and spraying cloth, daily protective masks and medical masks, as well as measuring the obstruction performance of ordinary fabrics and medical protective masks to the airflow with constant flow rate.

Splesh resistance test

Send us your mask and see if your mask has hydrophobic properties. A good surgical mask has three layers made of polypropylene non-woven fabric. Its outer layer should be hydrophobic, i.e. it should repel water, blood and other body fluids to which the surgeon may be exposed during surgery. In turn, the inner layer must be hydrophilic, i.e., absorb sweat and saliva of the person who wears it. The middle layer acts as an antibacterial "filter". The outer side of the mask may be of a different color, e.g. blue or green, for convenience. A mask put on the other side would not perform its function well.

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